What is Cannabidiol (CBD) and How Does It Work?

Resources to help educate consumers on the health benefits of Cannabinoids (CBD)

Changing Lives for the Better

CTFO Hemp Oil Product Video (5:32)

CTFO Exclusive 10xPure CBD Drops

- Full Spectrum Supercharged CBD oil (500mg/1500mg)
- Hydrophillic, mixes with water
- Accelerated, increased absorption and potency
- Anti-bacterial and prebiotic

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Legacy Team Call - Dr Robban Sica MD (36:00)

Listen to Dr. Robban Sica MD talk about the Endocannabinoid System ECS and how CBD oil helps to regulate the different systems in the human body to heal itself and achieve homeostasis. (36:00) 4/12/2018

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Cancer Survivors Testimony After CTFO CBD (20 mins)

- Karen's Powerful CTFO CBD Story.
- Hear all about the 3 NON-CBD that started it all 3 years ago
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- Changing The Future Outcome Of People's Health

What Potency of CBD Oil Is Right For Me?

Information on what potency is right for each person and how to take CTFO CBD oil.

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